Examples of Accident Investigations

We have investigated numerous accident claims dealing with fraudulent claims to simple cases of establishing liability.

We have investigated four separate Fatal Road Traffic Collisions for Insurers, several serious Personal Injury Collisions and many other incidents.

One reported accident in the Rhondda transpired to be a case of attempted suicide which had failed, the attempted suicide was not realised by the Emergency services who attended the scene, he had told them that he had taken a wrong turn and gone over the side of the mountain, he subsequently made his claim as the car was a 'write off'. The matter was investigated and the attempted suicide detected, the insured subsequently received the medical support that he clearly needed.

Investigation into a collision in West Wales which resulted in a motor cyclist having a leg amputated, the investigation revealed a witness who commented on the speed of this motorcyclist, the scène examination and interview with the police officer attending revealed that the motor cyclist was at fault for the collision, riding at an excessive speed and losing control of his machine.

Investigation into an incident in West Wales whereby a young female motorist collided head on with an oncoming vehicle – the driver and her young female passenger had to be cut out of the wreckage and taken to hospital by air ambulance suffering from multiple and serious injuries. The investigation undermined the third party allegation that the young driver was at fault, a witness to the collision was found and following interviews with him and the police officer attending, it was found that there had been a spillage of diesel at the scene by an agricultural vehicle and it was this spillage that caused the young female driver to lose control.

Our investigation into am accident whereby the insured had driven strait into a tree causing extensive damage to the vehicle revealed that the vehicle had failed it’s MOT test the week previously for defective brakes, the defect had not been rectified prior to this accident. The defective brakes were a contributory factor in this collision. The insured withdrew his claim when realising that we had discovered the fact that has car had no MOT and had failed the examination because of defective brakes.

There are numerous examples of accident investigations that can be given if required.

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