Examples of Surveillance Investigations

A factory employees application for early retirement on medical grounds (he can't bend and his wife has to put his shoes on and tie his laces for him in the morning) was rejected on the basis of our surveillance (video) evidence of him working on a building site – balancing on scaffolding whilst using a pneumatic drill. Also physically throwing breeze blocks from ground level up to his colleague on the next level of scaffolding undermined his claim – the application was rejected, the employee accepted the evidence.

A factory employee’s claim to be unfit for work owing to a shoulder injury and ailment was undermined by our surveillance evidence of his carrying a plank of wood out of a DIY supplier over the injured shoulder. He was disciplined by his employer and returned to work.

An employee taking her employer to tribunal for bullying and subsequently being unable to work was captured on video working for a rival firm whilst on sick leave – case dismissed.

Employees claiming overtime were actually leaving their place of work and not working as claimed. They were disciplined by their employer.

An employee claiming to be unfit for his work (factory work) was observed working on a building site – renovating a house, was called to the workplace and interviews for this. He was dealt with internally.

An employee holding management position with the basic responsibility of supervising a small team of staff and visiting twenty four properties in the Swansea area was found to be arriving late for work, leaving his place of work within an hour or so and spending the day in a public house, he them left there at the end of the day driving the company vehicle home. He was interviewed admitted his conduct and was dismissed.

An employee absent from work due to sickness was observed working in licensed premises behind the bar, she was disciplined.

An employee having been refused leave of absence reported unfit for work and attended a holiday with family, the employee was observed arriving back into the country at an airport. This employee was disciplined.

An employee was observed to be leaving his workplace, using a company vehicle to carry out personal chores such as shopping, was not following his work schedule, was making false entrees in his work records to cover this activity. He was disciplined and subsequently resigned from his position.

An employee was found to be leaving his workplace to play squash / cycling, falsifying work records regarding his work and expenses. He was disciplined and dismissed.

There are many other examples that can be given if required.

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