Examples of theft investigations

A claim of theft of a Demonstrator motor car from a car showroom in Newport was investigated, the crime was detected, and an employee subsequently surrendered himself to the police in Newport.

A theft of a motor car from Ystradgynlais was detected, the thief was traced to a remote farmhouse near the Crai reservoir and interviewed, the attempted theft, the written admission was passed to Dyfed Powys Police who subsequently charged the thief. The insurance claim proved genuine and the insured was paid.

A theft of a motor car from West Wales was detected, it transpired that the thief was the wayward son of the insured who had burgled the property, stolen the key and subsequently stolen the vehicle. He was charged by the police. The insured was quite properly paid for the claim.

Criminal damage to logging vehicles and a burglary claim was detected; the total value of the property damaged was in excess of £1,000,000. There were a number of incidents and the matter transpired as a result of the insured having a relationship with the wife of a rival logging operator, the husband had gone about systematically damaging the insured’s vehicles in an act of revenge. His actions were detected and reported to the police.

Theft of a land rover from a village on the outskirts of Llandovery was detected (by the police) and simple basic investigation, liaison with the police discovered this. The claim was genuine but it was found that the insured had left their keys in the vehicle.

The investigation into a report of theft of a motor car from Cardiff revealed that the car had been taken by the son of the insured's partner and crashed, the investigation revealed that the insured was aware of this fact before reporting the claim to the insured. He was attempting to claim from the insurers for the vehicle, the facts were reported to the police who subsequently arrested the thief and the claim was rejected by the insurers.

The reported theft of a motor car from the village of Ystalyfera was dropped during our investigation.

Theft of an Audi TT motor car from Pontardulais – this investigation resulted in the recovery of the stolen vehicle and two persons being arrested by the police.

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