Accident Investigation

Investigations and legal services throughout the UK

We have several years experience in statement taking and witness interviewing for both civil and criminal matters. We have interviewed over 6,000 witnesses and, or insured since formation.

We have successfully investigated accidents which have detected:

  • Staged accidents involving self hire mini buses generating multiple personal injury claims
  • Staged accidents involving motor cars resulting in personal injury claims
  • Contrived accidents generating personal injury claims, Swansea
  • Phantom or bogus passenger claimants from accidents in Pontypool Cardiff Rhondda Valley, Swansea and Pembroke


We have investigated matters which have assisted insurers and solicitors resolve claims arising from fatal collisions, multiple vehicle collisions and other collisions resulting in serious and near fatal injuries.


Agents are experienced in scene examination and reporting. Matters investigated have been successful in assisting insurers to resolve issues and in some instances undermining the witness or claimants accounts.

Accident Investigation Examples